• Uptown Half Scale
  • Uptown Half Scale
  • Uptown Half Scale
  • Uptown Half Scale
  • Uptown Half Scale
  • Uptown Half Scale
  • Uptown Half Scale
  • Uptown Half Scale


Uptown Half Scale

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"Uptown Half Scale" was made by Brooklyn based artist Chris "Honorroller" Chan, and is the "little brother" of his "Uptown Full Scale" sculpture which also is represented by us at Mankovsky. The sculpture has a PVC inlay for usage with flowers which makes the sculpture a fully functional vase. Chris works have historically gone on to sell for over 10,000 USD at auctions and to private collectors. With the success his works has earned him he mainly creates his works on commission basis. Clients include lifestyle giants like Nike, Gucci, Netflix and Converse.

  • Limited edition of 10
  • Includes artists signature
  • Wood sculpture
  • Ships worldwide from Sweden

— Limited edition of 10
— Created 2021
— Made of Wood sculpture
— Includes artists signature
— Ships from Gothenburg, Sweden

Each artworks representation has varying rarity levels depending on if it’s a open-end edition collectible, original work or exclusive commission work. The exclusivity is always certified via each artist or via us at MANKOVSKY on accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

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