Limited editions, authenticity, price:

1. What is an edition?

An edition is a single impression of a (printed) artwork that has been produced in multiple copies. Mankovsky Gallery works with limited editions which means that only a certain amount of impressions will be issued of the artwork you own. We carefully control the production of editions and strictly keep their number in fixed amounts (unless mentioned otherwise). Every single edition is numbered and signed (on the Certificate of Authenticity) by the artist.

 2. How many editions per artwork?

All art is offered in a maximum of 175 editions divided between 3 formats (unless mentioned otherwise). Unlike other art dealers we do not work with varying numbers of editions. We have chosen a fixed number of editions to make sure the artworks we sell stay exclusive and keep their value as collector’s items.

3. How is it possible that your prices are so low?

We work effortlessly to curate amazing talent around the globe, some up-and-coming and some situated in the most renowned galleries. We do not represent the original piece (if not mentioned otherwise) but rather focus on a high-end reproduction of said art pieces.

4. What proves the authenticity of the work?

All our artworks come with a numbered certificate of authenticity manually and personally signed by the artist.

5. What does the artwork price include?

  • A limited edition of the artwork of your choice 
  • Manually numbered and stamped artwork 
  • Artist signed and numbered certificate of authenticity 
  • Mankovsky Gallery's premium artist roll

6. What are the formats available for art pieces and why is there a difference in the numbered amount?

Mankovsky Gallery only works with 3 ”larger” sized formats and they differ in the amount available in each format

  • Medium size; 50*70cm. Total number in edition 100pcs. 
  • Large size; 70*100cm. Total number in edition 50pcs. 
  • Extra large size; 100*140cm. Total number in edition 25pcs. 

7. What is this art about?

Our artworks are well curated via direct contact with artists and via our collaborating gallery partners. We see that the art and interior world is changing and with that the demand for a new generation of artists and consumers have emerged. No more oil paint of landscapes, rather photo art, graphic illustrations and amazing street- and pop/neo-pop artists are what we at Mankovsky Gallery look for. We only curate what we love.

8. Will my artwork be worth anything in the after sales market?

The exclusive nature of limited edition works makes them potential collector’s items. After we have sold the 175 editions of an artwork we will not produce a single piece more so if there is demand, the price of the artwork you have purchased will raise on the market. We find emerging talent as well as well renowned artists, you are the first to be offered these gems therefore you will have the possibility to own something unique with amazing value-growth potential.

Purchase, payment, shipping, return policy:

9. When will my order be shipped?

As soon as the art work has been produced, approved by master craftsman, labeled and stamped it will be shipped to it's global destination via DHL Express. Due to the exclusivity of our curated editions we reserve the right to ship within 30 days after placed order.

10. Where is Mankovsky Gallery based?

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

11. How long will the shipping take?

Shipment within the European Union takes approximately 2-3 working days while for countries outside the EU it might take up to 4-5 days. If you are getting an artwork shipped to a country outside the EU please keep in mind that custom clearance might cause delays.

12. What are the shipping fees?

All fees are visible when reaching the ”checkout area” before conducting your payment.

13. Can I track my shipment?

You definitely can. As soon as your package leaves our premises you will receive an email with a track&trace code. 

14. Will I pay any taxes or customs fees on my order?

As long as you’re situated in the European Union you do not need to pay any import taxes. For non-EU residents, however, import taxes depending on your country of residence may apply.

15. Can I cancel an order?

Yes, within 12 hours after placing your order and paying you have the possibility to cancel.

Immediately contact support@mankovskygallery.com if a cancellation is needed within the timeframe.

16. How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, Klarna and PayPal. We also accept local payment methods for some European countries.

17. Can I return an artwork?

Yes, you can return an artwork within two weeks (14 days) from the date of receiving your shipment.
1. Contact us by using the contact form on the returns page to inform us of your decision to return a purchased artwork.
2. Pack the artwork carefully, in its original wrapping
3. Within 3 days from the moment of informing us ship the return package using a traceable shipping method including transport insurance
We will refund the artwork within 30 days. Damaged artworks will not be refunded.

18. How do I return an art work?

1. Contact us by writing an email to: returns@mankovskygallery.com
2. State in the email: 1: Your order number, 2: The reason for returning, 3: Your adress.
3. Our support team will get back to you within 48 hours after receiving your email.
4. We will refund approved returned artworks within 30 days. 

19. The delivered artwork is damaged, what do I do?

No worries, you can:
- Get refund
- Have the artwork replaced (if it is replaceable)
Get in touch with us via email (return@mankovskygallery.com) with pictures of the damaged artwork and you will receive a return number with which you will be able to send the artwork back.

Materials, maintenance:

20. Print quality, printing process

The artwork itself is printed on a 12 colour pigment based inkjet on Entrada Rag Bright 310g, 100% cotton, acid and lignin free paper.

It is then cut by hand on a cutting table. When printed the artwork is inspected by the master printer and if it passes inspection it gets stamped and quality assured- signed on the back, numbered appropriately and finally embossed with the Mankovsky Gallery embossing stamp before being packed with an Artist signed Letter of Authenticity and shipped. Every piece of art is packed in a midnight black velvet roll stating our Mankovsky Gallery in True Red centered alongside.

23. Does my artwork require any maintenance?

We always recommend framing an artwork and have it covered with an UV glass. No work of art will survive if placed in direct sunlight.