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  1. "Line Tamer" by Damien Weighill

    Being a line tamer isn’t easy. There’s doodles, thingies and twists. Eyes, ears, tears and fears all channeled through a renowned illustrators han...
  2. "Courtside Legacy" by Kevin Couliau

    Award winning documentarist, artist and avid basketball enthusiast Kevin Couliau exhibits 9 works from his extensive career of traveling the globe, capturing the very essence of basketball.

  3. "Hidden meanings" by TEZ

    Working alongside renowned street artists, TEZ has established his recognisable geometric shapes that allow for playful interactions between his ...
  4. "Passion for Symmetry" by Costas Spathis

    Being both an architect and a photographer, Costas finds inspiration from cityscapes via aerial views, minimalistic and symmetrical patterns that...

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